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The Tokai Residents' Association (TRA) website acts only as a community service to inform residents of local matters and events and to post items, products or services that may be of general interest to residents. The appearance of these items, products or services does not in any way imply that the TRA supports, recommends or endorses the contents of any item, or any particular product or service, whether specifically or generally that may be found on the website. The TRA reserves the right at all times to refuse items, products or services for publication and to withdraw a posted item at any time.

All Tokai residents are encouraged to participate in the SANParks Tokai Cecilia Managements Framework (TCMF) review. 

According to Dr Howard Hendricks, TCMF Facilitator, the overview of the stakeholder engagement process will be undertaken in three phases and the one that is currently underway is shaped to understand the current context, issues and concerns; the second phase will focus on workshops for issues, concerns and proposals; and lastly, the last phase will look at the outcomes of issues, concerns and proposals.

Interested and affected stakeholders are encouraged to submit their written submission expressing their concerns, proposals and issues and the deadline for submission is Friday, 25 June 2021 via email to:     

SANParks' Media Release of 30 May 2021: More opportunity open for stakeholders on TCMF Review Process 

The commenting period is extended to 30 June 2021. Any comments, concerns or position statements should be sent to


For further assistance, call:

* the National Institute for Communicable Diseases Hotline on 0800 029 999 

* the Western Cape Government Hotline on 021 928 4102 or 080 928 4102 (Toll Free)

* E-mail:

* What's App "Hi" to 0600 123 456

All lines are operational 24/7

Other helplines:

* National Small Business hotline (see what support you qualify for): 0860 663 7867 or e-mail:

* Report businesses illegally raising prices: 0800 141 880

* Gender based violence (GBV) command centre: 0800 428 428 or dial *120*7867# (free)

* Urgent GBV victim response line: 0800 150 150

l lines are operational 24/

Useful links

Coronavirus (Covid-19), City of Cape Town It includes Causes & Symptoms, Prevention, When to Seek Medical Assistance, and Updates relevant to Cape Town.

Coronavirus Covid-19, Department of Health, Western Cape Government.  It includes Lockdown information; Self-Assessment Tests; Advice for Business, Organisations, Health Workers, Everyone; Latest News, etc.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Poster (for printing and display purposes)


The City of Cape Town's website page Load-Shedding Stages and Schedules is updated daily. 

Most of Tokai falls into Area 8 except for the eastern most part of the suburb (close to the M3) which falls into Area 11

Help to reduce the electricity load and risk of load-shedding by switching off all non-essential appliances, including your geyser and pool pump, where possible. Visit for more information.


The TRA is looking for volunteers to assist in the portfolio of Planning.  If any Tokai resident is willing to volunteer a couple of hours per week to help in these capacities, please send an e-mail to 

LEVEL 1 WATER RESTRICTIONS are currently in place.

Even though our dam levels have increased, rainfall remains well below the long-term average. Protect our water resources by adhering to the CoCT's Water Restrictions and use water sparingly!

Useful link: Western Cape Government: Water Security

For further information on the water crisis, we strongly recommend the following links from the CoCT website.  Please click on:

Customers should note that water pressure may be reduced to limit water leaks and that slight changes in water taste and clarity may occur due to low dam levels. 

All residents are reminded:
  • Keep 5-10 litres of drinking water for the household during rationing.  Store in a cool, dark place away from light and dust.
  • Keep additional water for pets
  • Re-consider water usage during peak water usage times, eg shorter showers during off-peak times.
  • Ensure that all taps are closed when not in use to prevent flooding/damage when supply is restored.
  • When supply is restored, the water may appear to be cloudy from the pressure reduction exercise.  DO NOT WASTE THE INITIAL WATER - store it and use it for flushing.
  • NOTE: There may be a build up of air within the water system when supply is restored.
  • Use less toilet paper as this requires less water for flushing and prevent blockages.  (Consider changing to one-ply.)
  • Use Waterless Hand Sanitisers where possible.
  • Store excessive municipal water
  • Shower for more than a minute
  • Fall for 'chancers' and thieves who purport to be from the CoCT to install water efficient gadgets in private homes in order to gain access.
  • Do Not Drink: Borehole water, Spring water, River/Wetlands water, Greywater.
  • Do Not Flush: Sea water

RECYCLING Plastic Water Bottles:
All sizes of water bottles bought from supermarkets are recyclable.  Please do not include them in your general refuse collection on Wednesdays from where they will go to the landfill and create an environmental problem.

For local recycling facilities and CoCT depots close to Tokai, click here: Waste and Recycling.

Report water issues and offences:

Help save water by reporting water issues (e.g. burst pipes or faulty meters) and Water Restriction offences:

Call:         0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water related faults)

SMS:       31373 (max of 160 characters)

WhatsApp:  063 407 3699 


Online through the CoCT Service Requests tool.

In terms of the CoCT Water By-Law, people who contravene water restrictions could be issued with a fine.  Repeat offenders may be summonsed and prosecuted.

Borehole and Well-point Users:

·         All boreholes and well-points must be registered with the CoCT and the official CoCT signage must be displayed and clearly visible.  Self-designed signs are not acceptable.  The official CoCT sign is white, has red writing on it and the registration number is black.    

·         If sinking a new borehole or well-point, an application must be applied for 14 days before installation and then registered with the CoCT (as above) after installation.

Borehole/well-point water must be used efficiently to avoid wastage and evaporation.  Borehole/well-point users are strongly encouraged to follow the same watering times as applicable to drinking water use above.

Grey Water, Spring Water or Rain Water harvesting:

Appropriate signage is required for irrigation using grey water re-use, spring water or rain water harvesting.  You are encouraged to download, print and laminate the City of Cape Town non-potable water sign.  This should be printed A4 landscape.  Please note this sign should not be used for borehole and well-point water use.  Boreholes and well-points must be registered as detailed above.

"Let's save water - while there's still water to save".

CITY OF CAPE TOWN SERVICE REQUESTS (eg potholes, dumping, burst pipes, street lighting, etc)

Customer Call Centre contact details:
Telephone:  0860 103 089

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