Following agreement by the majority of property owners in the Zwaanswyk area, a Special Rating Area (SRA) was established by the City of Cape Town.

The City requires that the SRA is managed by a non profit company, hence the Zwaanswyk Association of Property Owners (ZAPO) was formed based on an approved business plan and budget prepared by the initiators.

 The objectives of the SRA are restricted to supplementing the services offered by the City.  ZAPO has no mandate to act on any issue regarding the greater Tokai area.  The principal areas of activity of the SRA are limited to:

 ·         the baboon deterrent fence as this works to supplement the City service providers of the baboon monitors

·         common area security

·         enhancement and maintenance of common areas

·         communication with members, which includes alerting them to land use within this defined area

 The Tokai Residents’ Association (TRA) deals with wider issues such as:

 ·         ensuring compliance with building and other regulations

·         restricting the scope of commercial activities in residential areas

·         striving to keep Tokai an environmentally attractive place to live

·         monitoring health and safety issues

·         spearheading the community’s need for efficient service delivery from the City

·         acting as a forum for matters of concern to residents.

 It is therefore important for ZAPO members to also join the TRA in order to give us a stronger voice.