Tokai Residents Association - About Us

Mission & Objectives

The MISSION of the Tokai Residents Association is to support the residents in perpetuating the atmosphere, environmental qualities and investments they have made in Tokai by pro-actively engaging with any body or organization, be it Municipal or private, which may threaten the status quo.

Our OBJECTIVES are to :

  • retain the unspoilt rural character of Tokai and surrounding areas
  • ensure the continuation of the Single Residential Zoning that is established in the area
  • ensure the compliance with town planning requirements, regulations and procedures
  • restrict the scope and extent of commercial activities in the area
  • control and prevent ground, water, air, noise, light and signage pollution as well as traffic congestion
  • ensure that all traffic signs are visible and adhered to
  • encourage the preservation and maintenance of the natural environment in and around Tokai, including forest areas, open spaces and parks
  • ensure the conservation and upkeep of the historical and cultural environment in Tokai
  • monitor the upkeep and maintenance of all municipal services and infrastructures
  • monitor the provision of adequate and effective health and safety measures
  • prevent organized public and private events that may negatively impact on residents
  • work with residents to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly area
  • make residents aware that the TRA is here to assist them in keeping Tokai a desirable place to live