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Edited from City of Cape Town PDF of 13 March 2013:

Graffiti lowers the tone of any area. It is done in contempt of the property and rights of others and extensive research has unequivocally linked it to a breakdown in law and order and a rise in pretty crime.

Graffiti is not to be confused with mural artwork, executed openly, with skill, with planning and above all with the prior consent of those whose property it adorns.

Following the example of major cities abroad, the City of Cape Town has introduced the Graffiti By-Law, 2010.

It makes the application of unauthorised graffiti on private and public property a punishable offence with hefty fines to deter graffiti vandals.

The removal of graffiti on private property is the owner’s responsibility. Graffiti on public property is the responsibility of the City of Cape Town.